About Us

Hugely popular and spacious, Cafe Renaissance offers delectable Italian dishes and one of the best assortment of gourmet pizzas you will ever try- it’s made the way pizza was originally made and supposed to taste. With three different pasta sauces, pizza dough made from four different kinds of flour and various cheeses, the restaurant is keeping the food as Italian as possible.
An emphasis on excellence is instilled by owners Shaul and Tikva Ashkenazi. They started in this business 33 years ago with a restaurant in Israel and it was the quality of the food that made them successful. When they moved to America over 20 years ago, Shaul was in the clothing business. His true love and aspiration, however, was to open a restaurant here. So in June 2001, they began another adventure that their customers have been enjoying ever since. This cafe has been a hit with families, friends, dates and, it seems, everyone else. Some recommendations for starters are the Mozzarella Basket and Avocado Eggrolls. The Penne a la Vodka is quite different here because the chef makes the vodka sauce himself. The Chilean Sea Bass is fantastic as is their famous L & B Style Pizza, with the sauce on top. They have a separate sushi menu with all your favorites and all the desserts are made on premises. An absolute must is their oozing hot chocolate souffle with cold ice cream.
Shaul and Tikvah, who are constantly going in and out of the kitchen making sure everything is perfect and up to their standards, are also on the floor welcoming their guests. It is that dedication and care that leads Cafe Renaissance, whether in the afternoon or late at night, to be the center of attraction. But, ultimately, it’s the quality of the food that draws its clientele for repeated visits.


Source: GreatKosherRestaurants.com